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Manuals and Charts

Warning: Use these values, manuals, and charts at your own risk. They are general guidelines only. Always use your own manual as the definitive source. Consult with a qualified mechanic if there is any doubt.

The following chart is for when specific application torque values are not available. If it is not an unusual bolt or nut these settings can generally be applied. The fasteners are identified by their thread diameter in mm's, that is the number of millimeters across the thread. This is standard for Chinese scooters, a M5 bolt is 5 mm's across the thread. A flanged bolt has a circular flat surface under the bolt head, sometimes serrated, and often a washer or lock is not used, use the conversion site below if needed:

Bolt/Nutft. lbs. 
M67.38(flanged 8.86 ft-lbs)
M815.87(flanged 19.92 ft-lbs)
M1025.80(flanged 29.52 ft-lbs)

The manuals in the following links have torque values for specific applications. They may need to be converted for use on your tools. The following site has a handy conversion program for entering the value you find and changing it to what you need on your torque wrench:


Now we'll have some links to PDF's that are probably familiar to everybody but handy to have in one spot, some of these are large files and may take a while to download, please be patient:

Here is the Arrow Manual, as with all Chinese references, most of it will look similar to your machine, but you may need to adapt to your particular scoot:

Arrow Manual PDF

Next is the Tank Manual, even though they are out of business there are still many on the street and this is a great reference. I personally used the carb diagram to tear apart and clean mine; you have to pay close attention, but all the parts are there. Enjoy:

Tank Manual PDF

The GY6 Manual is a good go to go to for the QMB139 engine but it's applicable to all GY6's:

GY6 Manual

The 50-150cc Manual is a decent all around service reference:

50cc - 150cc GY6 Shop Manual

Here's a short text only on getting your battery ready:

New Battery Instructions PDF

The mighty Scoot Dawg owner's manual:

Scoot Dawg Manual PDF

Four Stroke Engine 
Many have requested a diagram of a four stroke engine like the GY6. This is a good representation except that the GY6 has rocker arms actuated by a camshaft that open the valves. Just imagine that it's horizontal rather than vertical, the exhaust is on the left which faces down so your scooter's front would be to the left. Top dead center (TDC) is when both valves are closed and you see the explosion of the gases. A lot of scoot experts feel you should set your valve clearance at this point. However, if you look carefully you'll see that when one valve is completely open, the other valve is always closed no matter what the phase of the engine; therefore the closed valve, which has no tension on it, may be set. This is an alternative method for setting the valves as opposed to the TDC method. Simply remove the plug, use the kick start pedal to rotate a cam lobe until it's completely against it's rocker arm, set the other valve; repeat with the other valve. Here is the animation, stroke #1 is intake, #2 is compression and ignition, #3 is power, and #4 is exhaust.




Here is a decent guide for going through the charging system, as usual with Chinese scoots it's generic, so just use cautiously:

Charging System Diagnostics PDF

This diagram of an auto choke is quite accurate yet simplistic. The following was sent in to Scoot Dawg Forum by Gary2gs in response to my repeated attempts to conceptualize how this device worked. The fuel enrichment pathway in the carb is open when you start your scoot. When the device heats up in about five minutes, the plunger slides out, and shuts OFF the extra fuel pathway. Thanks Gary:

Enricher Diagram

This is the actual technical diagram of an autochoke:

Auto Choke

This is a decent troubleshooting flow chart, much more straight forward than the Arrow. A more comprehensive chart is in the works but this should help for now:

Troubleshooting Flow Chart PDF

Next is a diagram of the PAIR emissions system. It stands for Pulsed Air Injection Reburn. It sends pulses of fresh air into the exhaust during low pressure pulses in the exhaust side. This is a canister that has a vacuum line and a hose to the valve cover area. It is usually only on newer scooters. This helps burn uncombusted gases that make it through the engine. Earlwb, a font of knowledge, sent this to me. Thanks again Earl:

Exhaust Emissions System

Another canister may be hooked up to your scooter, this is the Vapor Recovery System. Usually you have either this or the PAIR, or neither; aren't scooters fun?! A PDF from Earl ( thanks again ), Vapor Recovery PDF and a diagram from Owenbrau ( much appreciated), follow:

Vapor Recovery System

This is a picture of the vapor canister for the Vapor Recovery System, it's location may vary:

Vapor Canister

The following is a picture of a six pin CDI (capacitor discharge ignition)module that will be referred to from various articles:

CDI Pinout

This diagram shows the interconnection between the CDI, stator, and coil:

Wiring Stator

This explains CV carbs inside and out with text and photos: Jetting and Understanding Your CV Carburetor (pdf)

This is a decent exploded view of all of the parts of a CV carb:

There's three views of a CV carb in action here. The top is the carb at rest, the bottom left at idle, and the bottom right under throttle. You can see how the vacuum develops and lifts the needle up allowing more gas into the mixture:

The next is a very cool cutaway of a GY6 showing the piston, crank, intake valve, intake port, starter, connecting rod, etc.:

JRR found this evil wiring diagram of a typical Chinese scooter. If you stare at it too long an ancient Chinese warlord takes control of your mind. It already happened to JRR. I will try to simplify this diagram sometime in the future:

This diagram is a simplified version of the above but not as inclusive:

Wiring Simplified

Here is a more complex wiring diagram with a four pin rectifier:

Wiring Simplified from Power Scooters

Here is another wiring diagram, I like this one because it can be expanded with clarity and it is nicely colored:

Colored Wiring Diagram PDF

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